2019LA研修 和田 正紀

My name is Wada Masaki. I am third year student from Toyo university. My major is Regional development studies. Although my name is Japanese I was born and raised in Nepal.My father is Japanese and my mother is Nepalese. I was born and raised in mixed culture. I studied in Nepal until high school after graduating high school. I have a big passion in fitness. My goal in life is to educate the people with healthy lifestyle.

We went to visit The Rafu Shimpo. Japanese newspaper company Located in LA. In this visit we learned more briefly about the history of the company. It was established in 1903 in little Tokyo in LA. The meaning of their company’s name Rafu in which (Ra) means LA and (fu) means prefecture. At first they used to publish newspaper in Japanese language only. Later college student started to write in English medium also. The reason was to get to the flow of second generation. During the second world war the employee was taken to the prison. They had to stop the business during the war. After the war ended people were scattered on different places. So in order to find their relatives they used to publish it on this newspaper. It was also used for heart felt condolence. It was mostly for local people. Right now people can read online through PDF which has about 10 pages which has become more convenient. So that people from different places can also read this newspaper. It is the only newspaper which is published in both Japanese and English language. Half of their readers like to read newspaper in English. Most of the English readers are from young generation.But recently number of people who like to read the newspaper are decreasing. So it is a big challenge for The Rafu Shimpo. One of the employee said they have to work more on creating a different news then other newspaper company. Together with that they have to work more on online website and build more connection with Japanese media.

In conclusion Knowing all this history and present situation of The Rafu Shimpo company. I learned more about how the Nikkei are trying to protect their old Japanese culture and their love and respect  towards it. Even though they had to sacrifice lots if thing in the past. They truly respect the Japanese culture and trying to protect it. And I feel that Japan will also face the same situation in the coming years. Due to graying of its population they are dealing with labor shortage.They are trying to get more workers from abroad from many developing countries like China, Myanmar, Nepal and so in. Over the first five years they are trying to get about 345,000 foreign workers. They have to think more properly to take the next step to get along with those workers with different cultures in coming years.